It’s naturally long lashes, without having to wear mascara ! Eyelash Extension services redefines, lengthens and adds volume to your natural lashes. Lasting up to 3 – 6 weeks, with only one application you can get the full volume and length you have been waiting for. Multiple styles, lash materials, lengths, curls and thicknesses are available to select from, so that we can design each clients  lashes to suit every eye shape, size and occasion required


 The  1:1 lash extension treatment is a classic  technique. Lash technicians uses this to apply individual

 lashes to extend the clients own natural lash. Applied one on one gently and with precision of separating each lash, Your natural lashes will be treated with care. Changing your eye shape and allowing your eyes to pop has never been easier.  Providing comfort of wear for the duration of the extension is done only by a true lash professional. At TLBB we ensure accurate application so our clients can wake up with perfect

lashes everyday